Our History

When we loop back to 1955 to the beginning of the First Baptist Church of Cottondale, we hear stories and we see some pictures and get a vague idea of how things were when the church started. Now, let’s hear the rest of the story.

In reading the minutes of the early meetings and listening to the early members that were here through 1955 to 1960, we realize that these were very important young people that started the church. Mrs. Marie Bridges may have been one of the older members at that time and she was about 37 years old. Most of the original members were in their twenties. Funds to start the church were difficult to come by. But with the Lord’s help, the church was started, the seeds were planted by God’s people, and God has surely given the increase.

You hear stories of how difficult it was to pay the preachers, and of how they held Sunday School their cars because there weren’t enough classrooms. You read about the birthday party given for the children and the gifts that were received were put in the church nursery. You read about the help given to the community over the years and how the money donated to missionaries has steadily increased year after year.

Every member of the church today has a part in writing the present and future history of the church and to plant more seeds. Let’s pray that when 2025 rolls around, the minutes will show the church still planting seeds, watering, nurturing and that the Lord is still giving these increase.

To God be the Glory!